Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release in Q1; Surface Phone 2017 in 2H

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Microsoft Surface Pro 5

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is expected to come out in the first half of 2017. And, the Surface Phone is likely to hit the market in the second half of this year.

One of the publications from China has revealed that the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is packing an Ultra HD display, a magnetic charging stylus and a Pegatron Technology.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The leaked images of a Microsoft Phone on Weibo are also indirectly teasing the launch of the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017. Microsoft is working with Qualcomm to create a new processor for its upcoming phone, according to the Indian Express. However, Microsoft has not released any official detail about its upcoming product. The brand will participate in the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2017. But it will not show off the Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Phone 2017. A rumor claimed that Microsoft will organize a special launch event in May to introduce the Surface Pro 5.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Features and Updates

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will feature advanced micro devices, polaris architecture and NVIDIA Corporation?s Pascal. The brand wants to make its upcoming Surface Pro 5 a game-oriented device. The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will run a pre-installed Windows 10 Redstone 2 operating system.

It will carry a Surface Pen with rechargeable batteries. ?With rechargeable batteries, you?re assuming you are going to have time to charge it before you use it. For us, we believe creativity will strike at any moment and you?ll want to know your pen is going to work without having to plug it in to charge it first,? said Microsoft?s brand manager Markus Weickenmeier.

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Microsoft has millions of hope on the Kaby Lake processor which will power the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. Intel has already launched the Kaby Lake processors. Navin Shenoy, vice president and general manager for the Client Computing Group (CCG), has also confirmed that Intel Kaby Lake processors can reach the expectations. ??We have over 400 designs coming to market on the Seventh Gen Core, and you can expect lots of innovations from our OEM partners bringing this product to market,? Shenoy said, according to Jobs & Hire.

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