Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Purposely Delayed By Microsoft?

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Surface Pro 5
Surface Pro 5

Microsoft was supposed to release the Surface Pro 5 this year, but the latest rumors indicate that the laptop/tablet will not roll out until Q1 of 2017.

Rumors suggest that Microsoft could be waiting for Intel?s upcoming ?Kaby Lake? processor. The new processor will not only increase the battery life of the device, it will also enhance the performance ?of Surface Pro 5. Intel is not going to release Kaby Lake before the end of 2016. So, there is no chance of Surface Pro release this year.

According to PC Advisor, Microsoft is delaying the release of Window 10 update because the company wants to release it with Surface Pro 5. Codenamed ?Redstone? or ?RS2? would be the the second part of the big Windows 10 update. The company is supposed to release an update in Spring 2017.

Moreover, Microsoft could also release Surface Book 2 along with Surface Pro 5. The new hybrid tablet could support 4K display with 3,840 x 2,560 pixel density. Surface Pro is also supposed to have a USB Type-C port. Recently, Apple and ASUS introduced USB Type-C ports to their devices, so it’s highly likely that Microsoft?s Surface Pro 5 will include the same feature.

Surface Pro 5 is also expected to have a built-in Stylus Pen dock. The Surface Pen’s triple A or button cell battery would be replaced by a rechargeable battery. In the beginning of this year, Microsoft filed the patent for the rechargeable Surface Pen and dock.

Moreover, YIBADA has reported that it could have 16GB RAM, and the latest NVIDIA graphical processing unit for the die-hard gamers. With a combination of 16GB RAM and NVIDIA GPU, the Surface Pro will provide an unmatchable gaming experience.

Microsoft has remained silent about the Surface Pro 5 release. These speculations are based on the rumors circulating around the internet. The actual device could differ in terms of specs.

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