Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Not Happening Soon As Microsoft Shows Off Another Surface Pro 4 Ad

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Surface Pro 5 Release

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is certainly one of the most awaited gadgets today. The success of the Surface Pro 4 have made people excited about the next generation of the device. While it was expected by many for Microsoft to finally announce the new device soon, it appears that the Surface Pro 5 release may not be as near as what many are expecting.

The Surface Pro 5 has been subject of many rumors lately. The upcoming 2-in-1 device has captured the interest of many tech enthusiasts. However, the recent report may indicate that its release is not going to happen anytime soon.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft launched a new ad for the Surface Pro 4 last Thursday during the opening game of the NFL. The new advertisement is certainly very weird considering that the Surface Pro 4 is almost a year old. It is very uncommon for tech companies to advertise their older devices. This is why some have speculated that the release of the Surface Pro 5 may not be happening any time soon.

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Logically, that would be a very safe assumption. A company would not want to spend a ton of money just to advertise older devices if a new generation of the device is available in a matter of weeks or even months. Certainly you did not see Apple releasing an iPhone 6s and 6s Plus ads a few weeks before the iPhone 7 launch, right?

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Still, the move by Microsoft may not mean anything at all. The upcoming Surface Pro 5 has been rumored for a late 2016 release but surely some delays could result to it launching in early 2017.

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The rumor that the upcoming 2-in-1 device may wait for the Intel Kaby Lake processors could be the culprit for a potential delay. The new processors are expected to become available starting in October or November, so a January or February release for the Surface Pro 5 is very realistic.

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A lot can still happen in the following weeks though so be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates on the Surface Pro 5 release.

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