Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release In 2017? Reason For Delay Revealed

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Microsoft Surface Pro 5

The release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is once again postponed. The latest report has claimed that the gadget will be unveiled in early 2017. This is because Intel?s new Kaby Lake CPUs might not arrive until early 2017. And, since the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is depending on the Kaby Lake CPUs, the tablet will most likely not be released before the end of this year, according to KITGURU. So, if you are waiting to see the device in October, you will be disappointed!

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Features

Inquisitr says that the standard version of the Pro 5 may not feature the 4K panel. The buyers may have to pay little extra to get the version which has a 4K panel. But, many customers may not show interest in the 4K panel since the current 2,736 x 1,824 display is already very impressive.

And, the Surface Pro 5’s Surface Pen will pack a rechargeable battery. ?With rechargeable batteries, you?re assuming you are going to have time to charge it before you use it. For us, we believe creativity will strike at any moment and you?ll want to know your pen is going to work without having to plug it in to charge it first,? Microsoft?s brand manager Markus Weickenmeier said.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Core i5 base model will cost $899. The i7 processor model will have the price tag of $999 while the Surface Pro 5 i7 processor model will be the high-end device with the price tag of $1,599.

?As I approach purchase decision time, I see that June may bring the Surface 5, and while I?m not thrilled about being Microsoft?s beta tester aka early adopter, if the 5 offers a 32 gig of RAM option, it?s going to be hard not to pull the trigger and buy the damned thing,? a Reddit user wrote, according to News Every Day.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will run a pre-installed Windows 10 Redstone 2 operating system.

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