Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Expected In March 2017

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Surface Pro 5 Release Date
Surface Pro 5 Release Date

Microsoft?s Surface Pro 5, with Windows 10 (Redstone 2 update) onboard, is gearing up for release. While Microsoft has not confirmed the exact release date, a new rumor says this 2-in-1 device will see the light of the day only in 2017.

According to past reports, Microsoft is planning a special event in October. This is when the Surface Pro 5 was initially expected to be unveiled. However, this tablet is expected to come powered by Intel?s very powerful Kaby Lake processor. Not to forget, this is the same processor believed to drive the MacBook Pro 2016 and MacBook Air 2016.

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But then, the problem is the Kaby Lake processors will not be made available to OEMs until later this year. This is precisely why?many sources are pointing to March 2017 as the Surface Pro 5 release timeframe.

The Kaby Lake processor is expected to improve the battery life of this 2-in-1 slate significantly. This is also why the upcoming Surface Pro 4 successor will be slightly costlier than the current-generation model.

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Surface Pro 5

Intel?s Kaby Lake processors are manufactured using the optimized 14-nm process. This mechanism will enable this processor to enhance the cooling system of the device it is housed in. To top it all off, compared to the predecessor, this processor will apparently be able to deliver 40 percent improved performance.

Speaking of rumored specifications, the Surface Pro 5 will apparently come with an incredible 4K display. However, do not expect the display size to change.

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Other rumors also noted that the Surface Pen, which will come as part of the device bundle free of cost, will go through a major design makeover. This accessory will apparently come housed with a rechargeable battery unit in tow. With such a mechanism onboard, you will be able to charge the Surface Pen wirelessly when it gets magnetically attached to the Pro 5.

Past rumors also suggested that Microsoft?s Surface Pro 5 will support Type-C USB port, along with other standard connectivity options.

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