Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Delayed As Microsoft Still Hyping Surface Pro 4 In New Ad

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Surface Pro 5 Release

In the recent ad for the Surface Pro 4, one cannot help but think that Microsoft intends to delay the Surface Pro 5 release. The ad pokes fun of Apple?s claim of iPad Pro being a computer counterpart. This could mean that Microsoft is still pushing their current Surface Pro version.

In the said ad, Cortana is seen having a conversation with Siri. Cortana proceeds to ask Siri about a ?party?, and Siri replies with ?I just got a keyboard. I?m a computer now just like you.?. To say the least, hilarity ensued. Cortana is Microsoft?s version of Apple?s digital assistant Siri.

Joking aside, it is quite possible that the Surface Pro 5 release will be delayed due to a number of reasons. First of which is Surface Pro 4 still is a juvenile product. Barely a year old, it would seem very unlikely that Microsoft will release a replacement just yet.

Second to this is the delay on the second part of Windows 10 update. Microsoft is said to be holding the release of Redstone 2 until early next year. Of course, Microsoft would want to showcase the new features of the update with the Surface Pro. What better way of doing this than by releasing a new tablet to accompany it.

Finally, the Intel Kaby Lake processor. Although some of Intel?s new Kaby Lake processors are already available to its partners, the midrange to high-end version are still yet to be released. Intel is planning on releasing the mid- to high-spec processors before the end of the year. Microsoft opting for the lower end of the processor line up will not do them any good. If they want to showcase the Surface Pro 5?s capabilities along with Redstone 2, they would be better off waiting for the Kaby Lake processors.

Even though Microsoft is not releasing the Surface Pro 5 any time soon, consumers still have something to look forward to. Rumor has it that Microsoft will still releasing another product for their Surface line up before the end of 2016. However, to this point, Microsoft has not divulged any information about what it could be.

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