Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Delayed For Major Update

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Surface Pro 5 Release

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release has been on the minds of countless Surface Pro fans all over the world. The release has been followed by many tech enthusiasts. Unfortunately, there have not been a lot of updates from the tech giant. Now there are new rumors that would indicate that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release will be delayed in order to accommodate a major update.

The Surface Pro 5 was earlier rumored to be releasing this year. The Surface Pro 4 was launched in October last year so everyone was hoping Microsoft would use the same month for the Surface Pro 5 release. Now it appears that fans who are looking forward to getting the 2-in-1 device in 2016 are going to be disappointed.

According to Tech Radar, it is quite possible that the Surface Pro 5 release will be delayed to accommodate some major updates to the device. The same report mentions two likely reasons for the delay: Windows 10 major updates and Intel?s Kaby Lake processors.

The same Tech Radar report mentions that the second major update to the Windows 10 OS has been delayed until the spring of 2017. This is certainly one possible cause for the delays with the Surface Pro 5. Microsoft would certainly want the upcoming generation of the Surface Pro 5 to have the most updated OS right out of the box. If that is indeed the case, a release sometime in early 2017 would be a wise decision.

Surface Pro 5

Aside from the Windows 10 update, the launch of the Intel Kaby Lake processors before the end of the year may also be the reason for delays. Intel is expected to ship out the Kaby Lake processors during the third quarter of 2016. This would mean that Microsoft may take some time to utilize the new processors for the Surface Pro 5.

Regardless of the reason for the delays, Surface Pro fans can rest assured that the long wait is going to pay off in the long run. Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news about the Surface Pro 5 release date as well as other trending topics in the world of tech.

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