Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, Features, Specs Update: Tablet-Laptop Hybrid Launch Pushed Back to May 2017?

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The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is one device which many in the tech community have been waiting for. The 2-in-1 device from Microsoft has been in the works for a long time, but unfortunately, no confirmed release date has been given yet for the device. While some insiders initially stated that the release could happen in early 2017, now it appears that the Surface Pro 5 release date could be delayed until May of next year.

The Surface Pro product line has been one of the most successful devices of Microsoft over the past several years. The Surface Pro 4 received great reviews and many are excited at what the Surface Pro 5 could offer. Unfortunately, it could be a while before consumers could get their hands on the device.

Surface Pro 5 Release Date Delayed?

It appears that a May release date could be the likely event where the Surface Pro 5 launch could happen. The next big event announced by the tech giant is the Microsoft Build Conference which is happening from May 10 to 12 of next year, according to the Microsoft website. The event is set to happen in Seattle, Washington.

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Microsoft Build Conference

The Microsoft Build Conference is normally geared towards Windows-related announcement but it is certainly not impossible for the company to unveil the Surface Pro 5 then. So far, this appears to be the only possible event for the Surface Pro 5 announcement.

Surely though, a lot can still happen between now and May 2017. Microsoft could also have a special event for the Surface Pro 5 too so tech fans would just have to watch out for more details.

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The Surface Pro 5 is expected to be a huge improvement over its predecessor which is why many are very excited for it. It is rumored to have Intel?s brand new Kaby Lake processors, improved battery life and ample internal storage which certainly sounds great for any tech fanatic.

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