Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date And Price: Latest Details On Upcoming Hybrid Tablet

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Microsoft made a successful leap in their Surface Pro 4, which is supposedly just a few months old, but the tech company is looking to step up its development in their Surface Pro features and might already be planning on a new device. Rumors are spreading that there is already a release date for a Surface Pro 5 and that it will supposedly be released before 2016, according to TechRadar.

The fifth-generation Surface Pro tablet will, apparently, launch in October that will supposedly have new design and features. TechRadar reported that the upcoming device, which was first reported by Release Date Portal, is reported to launch either in June 2016 or October 2016.

A lot of people have been wondering about the highly-anticipated Surface Pro 5. It may be a while before we get to see details about the upcoming device. However, according to a report from MNR Daily, the new device won?t have the same issues plaguing the Surface Pro 4.

It was previously mentioned that the Surface Pro 4 has been plagued with battery problems, so solving issues like this may be a sure way to get the Surface Pro back on track. Looking forward to the Surface Pro 5 having a better battery life, TechRadar argues that the Surface Pro 4, and its longevity might certainly still be better compared to the popular HP Spectre x360 in a PCMark 8 Home test. Its performance might be still be considered as a must-have. If Microsoft ever decides to give the Surface Pro 5 a longer battery, then by all means we?re all for it.

Based on the reports of the Surface Pro 5, the tablet should be at a starting price of $899 and ?escalate from there depending on the configuration and accessories you choose,? TechRadar reported. The hybrid tablet is reported to range between $999 and $1599 for ?beefier specs,? according to Times of India.

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