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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 may be released in September or October 2016, Specs, features and rumors

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Microsoft Surface Pro 5

Last year Microsoft launched the Surface Pro 4 in October 2015, and consumers are waiting for its successor. Rumors are rife that the fifth generation of the Microsoft Surface Pro would have more advanced stylus pen. It is widely expected that the stylus could be rechargeable with a magnetic connection.

Since the last Surface Pro device was launched in October last year; industry experts are of the opinion that Microsoft would be launching its successor in the same month this year, according to Times of India.

Other reports claim that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be released either in June or September 2016. Similar to Surface Pro 4, the Surface Pro 5 will also be unveiled in three different models based on the processor.

The device would be released in Intel Core processor, Intel i7 and Intel Core i7 Extreme models while it would be priced at $899, $999 and $1599 respectively.

However, specifications and features of Surface Pro 5 are not revealed yet but fans expect that a super sharp screen resolution, a better battery as compared to its predecessor and advanced USB technology. They want to see the device to lighter than the previous model as well as a bigger one.

Delhi Daily News stated that Microsoft Surface Pro 4 saw a big success in the market. The device had more refined hardware luminous and responsive screen, improved Surface Pen or Stylus. Its screen had larger display compared to Surface Pro 3, but it had several issues most notably battery problems. It was reported that the device consumes too much power even in the sleep mode, whilst the AC adapter was a fire hazard.

Later the Redmond-based company rolled out the firmware updates specifically to solve the issues related to connected standby and software and driver, on Feb. 17, as reported by Surface Support website.

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