Microsoft Surface Pro 5 To Have Earlier Launch Than MacBook Pro?

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As pointed out by TechRadar, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is just months old. However, Microsoft Surface Pro 5 rumors are coming in. A rumor by Release Date Portal pegged the release on June 2016 or October 2016. And as June closes, tech addicts and speculators come to think that this may hold water. The first suggested release month also coincides with the speculated release of the MacBook Pro 2016 this June at Apple?s Worldwide Developers Conference. If this is true will Microsoft one-up Apple by releasing the Surface Pro 5 first than the MacBook Pro?

It?s a possibility, and it would take big kahunas from Microsoft to do just that, they do and they might just will.

By releasing its sooner, Microsoft can take advantage of the drop of laptop shipment. As reported in the Bitbag, worldwide shipments of laptops for first quarter saw an 18% drop. Apple is still the leading PC maker but Microsoft could flank its competitor by releasing the 2-in-1 hybrid Microsoft Surface Pro 5 earlier or at the same time. Take note that even as overall PC shipments were quite low, hybrids fared better than the rest. Shipments in this year?s first quarter registered only at a hair less of 13% higher in the same period last year. Notebooks like the MacBook Pro, experienced an 18% drop in the same time period.

Will Microsoft take advantage? Well, if the Surface Pro 5 is already ready for market and is significantly better than the Surface Pro 4. It can. Microsoft will also likely consider the remaining ?stock? of the Microsoft Surface 4 as if it will launch a new product that is significantly better at more or less the same price, it will be forced to keep them in their warehouses or sell them at a lower price for a much lower profit margin. But hey, maybe the numbers will add up that Surface Pro 4 sales would give more profit by sheer sales volume.

Again, this is just speculation, but it would be pretty mind-blowing if Microsoft decides to release the Surface Pro 5 just months later the Surface Pro 4 and before or at the same time with the MacBook Pro 2016. It would make the tech playing field a little more interesting.

For more tech news and speculations, keep it in the Bitbag.

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