Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Update, Specs: Surface Pro 5 to Come with 512GB Storage

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Microsoft Surface Pro 5

The Microsoft Surface Pro is truly a wonderful piece of technology. Even though it comes in a very small and light package, Microsoft did not even consider skimping on performance. The incumbent tablet, the Surface Pro 4, can house an Intel i7 processor within. Paired with a 16GB RAM, this 2-in-one tablet is a force to be reckoned with. Now, rumor has it that Microsoft is toying with the idea of making the Surface Pro even more amazing. According to recent reports, the Surface Pro 5 will sport a massive 512GB of storage.

For a portable device that is not a laptop, this is truly unbelievable. Having that much storage will surely attract a lot more potential buyers on its release.

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In addition to bigger storage, other rumors tend to circulate on better overall performance. Rumor has it that the Surface Pro 5 will also have a better battery life unlike its predecessor.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (via

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (via

The Surface Pen is also rumored to get a fair bit of improvements on the next release. Instead of the replaceable battery, the Surface Pen will now feature wireless charging from its magnetic dock.

As for the ports, here have been talks that Microsoft will add USB Type-C on the next Surface Pro. Along with the USB 3.0 protocol, the Surface Pro 5 will also include Thunderbolt 3 as an interface.

Although highly unlikely, many speculate that the Surface Pro 5 will also include upgrades on its PixelSense display. Among the list of upgrades is the support for 4K resolution that is brought about by Kaby Lake native 4K video support. However, many would agree that such display may often be more of a burden than an improvement.

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Instead of the ultra-high resolution display, Microsoft might just opt for fingerprint scanning through the PixelSense display. In fact, the company has filed for a patent involving fingerprint sensing through PixelSense four years ago.

The Surface Pro 5 is slated for a Spring 2017 release. As stated earlier, it will sport the latest Kaby Lake processor from Intel as well as Windows 10 Redstone 3 from Microsoft.

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