Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs, Updates: Surface Pro 5 to Come in 2K and 4K Display Variants

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Microsoft Surface Pro 5

Microsoft has long touted its PixelSense display as superior to any other display in the market. Apart from its high quality output, the display can also detect almost anything that is put on top of it. Now, it would seem that the display will have a new thing to brag about when the Surface Pro 5 arrives. According to reports, the Microsoft Surface Pro will boast two display sizes on its release. One variant, the entry level one, will have a display resolution of 2K or 2736 x 1824 pixel. Meanwhile, the other high-end variant will have a 4K display resolution or 3840×2160 pixels.

From the looks of it, Microsoft is pulling all the stops when it comes to the tablet?s specifications. For Apple, this would be a tough cookie to break.

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When it comes to display resolution, the iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4 come neck and neck of each other. However, with the introduction of a 4K display, the Surface Pro 5 will be the sure winner. The resolution, coupled with the PixelSense technology, will make the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 a tablet of choice for most consumers.

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In addition to the display, Microsoft gives a great deal of emphasis the performance of the Surface Pro 5. Of course, many would know by now that it will come equipped with the newest Intel Kaby Lake chip. That being said, having a full fledged processor, in comparison to an ARM one, will give it the edge in computing performance.

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Previous benchmarks from Geekbench?have revealed that Intel?s line of processor outstrips any ARM processor, even the new A10 Fusion. When compared to even a lowly m3 series chip, the A10 Fusion still lags behind by at least 10 percent. Furthermore, when the comparison is made between an i7 and the A10 Fusion, the disparity becomes even more significant.

With the Kaby Lake?s native 4K video support as well as Thunderbolt 3, the Surface Pro 5 will surely become a must-have tablet. Other specs updates point to the purported storage size of the Surface Pro 5. Rumor has it that Microsoft will bump the maximum storage size to 512GB from 256GB.

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The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is due to be released in the Spring of 2017.

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