Microsoft Surface Pro 2016 Rumors: Surface Pro 5 By The End Of 2017?

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Surface Pro 5
Surface Pro 5

Microsoft fans are restlessly waiting for its upcoming Surface Pro 5. While the company has remained silent about next-gen laptop/tablet hybrid, there are lots of rumors regarding 2-in-1. Reports claim that Microsoft could roll out next-gen Surface Pro later this year.

Microsoft was waiting for Kaby Lake processor. It is reported that Intel has already dispatched the Kaby Lake processor and their relative chipsets to PC manufacturers. This means that the production of Surface Pro 5 will begin soon. Intel?s Kaby Lake lineup will include the ?S? SKU for desktop (2016) while the rest are reserved for 2017. Hence, the first batch of Surface Pro could be released by the end of 2017.

The new Kaby Lake processor will not only boost the performance, it will affect the size of laptop as well. The new processor will bring native USB 3.1 support. On the other hand, the Skylake motherboards require a third-party add-on chip in order to provide USB 3.1 ports. Moreover, Kaby Lake processor will bring new graphics architecture for 3D and 4K graphics.

Intel Logo

Intel Logo

Other than the Kaby Lake Processor, Microsoft could upgrade the RAM in Surface Pro 5. Surface Pro 4 offers up to 16GB RAM. Thus massive 32GB RAM can be expected in Surface Pro 5. The device will have 1TB SSD onboard storage. The device will most probably include USB Type-C and ThunderBolt 3 ports as all other major PC manufacturers have already introduced this feature.

As Kaby Lake will add 4K graphics supports, it is highly likely that Surface Pro 5 will feature 4K display. However, company could make this feature optional as 4K display would be much expensive and will hike the price of the device. Moreover, the current display in 2,736 x 1,824 in Surface Pro 4 is quite impressive.

Surface Pro 4

Surface Pro 4

Microsoft will also update the Surface Pen. The Surface Pen will attach magnetically and will recharge wirelessly. The current Pen has magnetic quality, but it requires external non-rechargeable batteries.

Microsoft is expected to launch Surface Pro 5 in two or more variants. The base model with Core i5 processor will cost around $899. The high-end model with Core i7 processor will cost $1,599.

However, the company has not provided any detail about Surface Pro 5. These specs are based on the rumors circulating around the device.

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