Microsoft Surface Phone Not Expected to Make Appearance During MWC 2017

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Microsoft Surface Phone

Microsoft is certainly one of the most successful tech companies in the whole world. While they have found success with their software and computers, the tech giant has not really made any headway when it comes the smartphone market. The company?is expected to change all that with the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone. Sadly, those who are excited about the device may have to wait a little longer before they can see the Surface Phone being unveiled.

The Mobile World Congress or MWC is one of the biggest tech events in the whole world. With the event coming up in February, there were rumors that Microsoft could be unveiling the Surface Phone during the event. Sadly, new reports have indicated that the Surface Phone may not be one of the featured devices during MWC 2017.

Surface Phone to Miss MWC 2017

According to Forbes, the Surface Phone is going to miss the Mobile World Congress this year. This is certainly very disappointing news to those who have been waiting for the launch of the device.

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While the Surface Phone is not expected until sometime in 2017, many were hoping that Microsoft will give tech fans a sneak peek at the device during MWC 2017. There were reports that Microsoft was set to discuss the Surface Phone during the event.

Unfortunately, the recent report by Forbes could mean that the tech giant could be focusing on some of its other upcoming products. One of the likely areas of focus for Microsoft could be Windows 10 Mobile. This could be the stepping stone to the launch of the Surface Phone, which is expected to have the latest Windows 10 Mobile OS once it releases.

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Surface Phone Release Date

It could be some time before Microsoft will give fans a chance to see the Surface Phone. Rest assured, the tech company is surely doing its part to perfect the upcoming device in order for it to make a mark in the ever competitive smartphone market.

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