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Microsoft Surface Phone: Everything We Know So Far

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Surface Phone

Microsoft has not really found much success in the smartphone arena. The company?s Windows phones did not really click with consumers and it was no match to the popular iPhones and Android smartphones in the market. The tech giant though is not giving up as it appears that the highly anticipated Microsoft Surface Phone may finally be hitting the market.

The Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Book devices have been well-received by tech enthusiasts all over the world. With the success of these gadgets, many are speculating that it is high time for Microsoft to finally launch a Surface Phone too. While the company was tight-lipped about it, the latest rumors reveal that the Surface Phone could see the light of day by early next year.

Here is a rundown of everything that we know so far about the Microsoft Surface Phone.

  • Design ? When it comes to the design of the Surface Phone, early reports say that it could follow the path of the iPhone and Samsung?s Galaxy smartphones. A sleek and clean design using high-end aluminum and magnesium unibody could be a strong possibility according to a report from The Inquirer.
  • 3 Variations ? According to V3, there will not only be one variation of the rumored Surface Phone but in fact there will be three. There will be a budget-friendly version, a mid-range variant and of course a high-end flagship version that will compete with the best smartphones available in terms of specs.
  • Specs ? Speaking of specs, one rumor which have been linked to the?upcoming phone?is the possibility of it running on Qualcomm?s unreleased Snapdragon 830 processor. This is surely going to give the Surface Phone ultra-fast processing speed for maximum efficiency. Of course, a huge amount of RAM and internal storage are likely for the Surface Phone as well.
  • Release Date ? So far, there have been no confirmation from Microsoft as to when it plans to release the upcoming smartphone.?Most rumors though have the smartphone releasing in the early months of 2017. This coincides with the expected release of the Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Book 2.

Are you excited about the Surface Phone yet? Let us know what you think about the upcoming smartphone in the comments below.

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