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Is Microsoft Surface Phone For You? 5 Questions To Ask To See If It Fits Your Needs

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Microsoft?s Surface Phone has been long rumored to be the upcoming project of Microsoft Mobile Division, a brand new flagship program that will take the company to whole new levels against the likes of Samsung and Apple.

The Surface phone if released will likely be a premium priced phone similar to the Surface line of tablets available from the company. The mobile device would essentially be a business or a productivity device quite different from the usual media and entertainment devices offered by others.

So while you all may be excited to buy the Microsoft Surface Phone, you ought to consider these questions if it actually fits your need and worth spending your money on.

  1. Are you already an avid user of the Surface tablet? The Surface Phone would be emulating the Microsoft?s successful Surface line of tablets and the users of the hybrid tablets would surely love the Redmond-based company?s phone. The device would surely be packing a lot of heavy hardware specs and support for accessories like the Surface Pen. So the Surface mobile will be quite expensive in line with the company?s premium tablet flagship.
  2. Do you prefer Windows over Android and iOS? Another question fans need to address is if they would prefer a Windows phone for Microsoft is essentially pitting its Windows 10 operating system as a universal platform for all its devices from PCs, laptops, tablets to even its Xbox. The significant advantage of the Surface phone is going to be the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) that will allow apps available for computers or tablets to work directly on the phone and hence all the software you use on a computer could easily work on your mobile. So unless you are willing to buy a Windows Phone over the more popular Android or iOS, then the Surface Phone is for you. However, since the Windows Mobile OS doesn?t offer more apps or games than the other operating systems, those users interested in these would surely be disappointed. But, the Windows 10 OS is developing a platform called ?Project Astoria? to allow the apps from iOS and Android to work on Windows phones.
  3. Are you a heavy Word and Excel user? The Surface Phone will be quite a business friendly phone and allow use of the Microsoft?s Office apps like Word or Excel to be directly used on the phone, thanks to UWP again. It will be hassle free for users to operate the Microsoft?s software and will benefit the corporate employees a lot. Also, with Microsoft?s Cloud services, the surface would be bringing all the business related applications and office work right into your hands. The Surface mobile will integrate with core Microsoft systems like Exchange Server, Office 365, Azure AD and Skype and help employees safely work beyond the desktops.
  4. Do you prefer productivity over social, gaming? The Microsoft Surface phone will be for the users who prefer productivity over social and gaming apps. The phone with built in Windows 10 will provide high speed processing, multitasking, running powerful applications as well as provide better connectivity and security. Besides, the usual business productivity, the Surface phone is going to be more reliable for various other purposes such as graphic designing, photo and video editing, modelling, etc., giving more power to users. It could also be a productive device for the students, helping in their college and universities with projects and all.
  5. Do you find it illogical to be lugging around a tablet, phone and laptop when you’re out? The Surface phone will transform the whole smartphone market as it will offer far more capabilities with the Windows Continuum function. Users will no longer need to carry around a laptop or tablet along with a phone to every place they go. The phone would substitute the need for other devices like tablets and laptops as the Continuum phone can be used as a desktop pc simply by connecting it to a monitor or a TV screen. This is going to change the way people buy the information technology products and we could see Microsoft emerging as a strong leader in this market.

Microsoft is expected to unveil the Surface Phone alongside the release of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 tablet at the end of October 2016. The premium priced mobile device could be designed as a full body metallic phone with quite heavy specs, some suggested it will feature 8GB RAM for the higher processing speeds. However, there is no official confirmation about the phone from Microsoft.

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