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Microsoft Surface Phone 2016 Release, Features: What We Know So Far

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Microsoft may be behind when it comes to competing with their smartphones. This year, however, could be different as they plan to release the new Microsoft Surface Phone. Reports about Microsoft releasing the Surface Phone has been surfacing online lately. It looks like more details have just been uncovered.

Indian developer Shuban Chembukar revealed a photo in his Twitter account showing teasers of supposed Surface devices for the next year. The tech company is not expected to release any Microsoft Surface Phone details, supposedly, until the end of the year. It is reported to be the main device that will be unveiled at the tech company?s event in October.

As far as rumors are concerned, the upcoming mobile device could also be launched at the next IFA in Berlin and will be priced at $699 and should work its way up to $1,099 depending on the version and configuration of the smartphone.

Rumored features of the Surface Phone also include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor with 4GB of RAM that will have the latest Windows 10 mobile platform. It will supposedly have another version that will have an Intel Atom X3 processor 6GB of RAM and a superior chipset.

Both could also have a microSD card and a USB Type-C connectivity and liquid cooling technology.

Supposed images of the upcoming device were also previously shown by The News Independent, which reveals an aluminum and magnesium body with a 5.5-inch AMOLED display. Interestingly, Microsoft Surface Phone features also indicates that it will supposedly be compatible with Microsoft accessories, such as the Surface Pen.

The Surface Phone could become the flagship smartphone of the tech company as it plans to make the Lumia brand a ?mid-range? to ?above-average? Windows phones. Microsoft has yet to announce any details. Although the tech company could be planning to improve its mobile phone division, since it is supposedly struggling to keep up with its competitors.

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