Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 Will Not Repeat Lumia’s Shortcomings

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Microsoft Surface Phone 2017

The Microsoft Lumia series of mobile phones were a product of Microsoft?s partnership with Nokia. They were, most of the time, problematic due to the highly unstable Window 8 operating system. Perhaps this is the main reason why it never picked up like the iPhone or Android phones. This time around, Microsoft promises to have the best Windows mobile device to even come out in the market. The Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 promises to fulfil what the Lumia failed to deliver during those years of existence. Starting with Windows 10 running on Qualcomm?s Snapdragon 835 processor.

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A few weeks ago, Microsoft showcased a demo version of the Windows 10 operating system running on a Snapdragon 820. In the demo, the system can be seen running standard x86 or desktop PC applications. Applications like Photoshop, Word, and others can now be run on a system sporting an ARM processor. This demo opens up a whole new line of possibilities for the operating system. This can bring forth a wide range of features for the Surface Phone 2017.

When it comes to performance, Microsoft is pulling all the stops on the Surface Phone 2017.

Microsoft Lumia

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To begin with, it is rumored to feature the latest Snapdragon 835 from Qualcomm. Furthermore, there will be three different versions of the phone offering different system memory sizes, albeit with the same processor. The entry level will have 3GB RAM paired with the Snapdragon chip. The mid-range model will have a 6GB RAM while the enthusiast version will sport an 8GB system memory.

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There have been reports that the Surface Phone 2017 will be unveiled during next year?s Mobile World Congress, according to Neowin. The event, which will be held in Spain, is not typically a major selling point for Microsoft. Nevertheless, one can hope that Microsoft will indeed showcase its upcoming phone during the said event.

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