Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 to Go Head to Head with Apple iPhone 8, Release Moved to September 2017

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Microsoft Surface Phone 2017

It looks like Apple is in for some tough love during next year?s smartphone releases. In addition to Samsung releasing the Galaxy Note 8 in September 2017, another one has entered the fray. Rumor has it that Microsoft will delay the release of its Surface Phone 2017 to second half of next year.

The delay is also to coincide with Microsoft?s Windows 10 Redstone 3 release; the OS that Surface Phone 2017 will use. This delay could also mean that the software company intends to release the Surface Phone with the rumored Surface Pro 5. The reasoning behind this maybe obscured but one can deduce that it may be a scheme to generate much hype.

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Many would know by now that September is when Apple usually introduces a new product for the smartphone market. This time around, speculations are rife that there will be three iPhones to be released next season. Apart from Apple, Samsung is also rumored to unveil an updated and much safer Galaxy Note 8. Microsoft releasing its Surface Phone 2017 on the same month could spell trouble for Apple.

Microsoft Lumia

Lumia 950 running Windows 10 Mobile (via

The Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 is said to feature a plethora of impressive hardware on its release. This includes the upcoming Snapdragon 835 from Qualcomm as well as a possibility of having 6GB of RAM. In addition to this, the recent news regarding the successful porting of Windows 10 to ARM may bring forth new features. Features like natively running x86 or desktop applications may begin to become common to Surface Phone 2017.

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According to Windows Central, the Continuum feature of Window 10 may also make it to the Surface Phone 2017. This feature enables the phone to act like a desktop computer by simple addition of external display, a keyboard and a mouse. The connection could either be wired or wireless via Bluetooth.

These new features including the impressive hardware specs may stand a chance in battling out Apple?s iPhone 8. The Surface Phone 2017 could mean Microsoft?s return to the mobile phone market, something that it left a few year ago with the Lumia.

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