Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 Release Soon; To Pack Lumia Features

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The year 2017 is certainly going to be a huge one for Microsoft. Recent rumors suggest that the tech company will finally release a new smartphone in the form of Microsoft Surface Phone 2017. Here are some of the details about the handset.

Latest claims have it that the smartphone is coming next year. It is after the website, Dr. Windows, received a ?concrete evidence? that HP is working with Microsoft in making a powerful handset. The phone is said to be a Windows 10 handset that will sport some Lumia features.

Some of these features include ClearBlack screens and Glance. Furthermore, consumers are expecting the phone to have an 8GB of RAM with an internal memory of 512GB. Developers are also going to use the Intel Kaby Lake processor to support the handset, added rumors.

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Also, the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 will have a fingerprint scanner placed in the AMOLED display unit. In terms of resolution, it is capable of displaying 1440×2560, similar to Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 8. With regards to its shooters, speculations claim that the phone will sport a 20 megapixel Carl Zeiss rear camera. A Type C USB port is also a feature expected on the phone.

Meanwhile, the release of the handset has yet to be revealed. But according to rumors, it could arrive alongside the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 in February 2017. Other speculations state that Microsoft could unveil its new devices during the Mobile World Congress 2017 (February 27 – March 2, 2017). But, there are those who believed that the company will have a separate event for the handset.

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For now, consumers should take these information with a grain of salt as Microsoft has not confirmed any of these. What is sure though is that the handset will sport impressive features and boast great design. Let us just wait for Microsoft to release an official announcement about the handset.

How about you? When do you think the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 will arrive? What specs do you expect to be included in the smartphone? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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