Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 Release In Second Half Of 2017

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Microsoft Redstone 3 Surface Phone
Surface Phone Launch date

Microsoft?s Surface Phone has been rumored a lot this year. The rumors started coming during the beginning of 2016, but the company has not confirmed its existence yet. Lately, Satya Nadella has dropped hints that the Redmond giant might indeed be working on this device. While expectations are high on the possibility of the Surface Phone to be launched at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in 2017, there are recent reports that suggest otherwise.

Surface Phone 2017 Release

The Microsoft Surface Phone will arrive only in the second half of the 2017, according to reports. The Surface phone release has been linked with the Windows 10 Redstone 33 update.?Since the update will not be rolling out sooner than the second half of the year, sources indicate that the Surface Phone will only emerge in H2 2017. The Windows 10 performance updates will bring increased performance and other capabilities to the mobile platform.

The Surface Phone is?also dubbed as the iPhone killer. Microsoft is seeking to replace the iPhone with their Surface smartphone for core business and enterprise solutions. The Surface phone?s launch would possibly target a September or an October launch to offset Apple?s iPhone lineup.

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However, other sources reveal that Microsoft currently does not have any sure plans in place for the Surface phone. The Windows 10 Mobile OS is not working well enough for their mobile platform. Until the company develops a way of porting apps from Android and iOS or Win32 apps, the Surface phone will remain in mere rumors.

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Surface Phone Features and Specs

Nevertheless, the constant stream of rumors and specifications of the proposed Surface Phone have everyone convinced that an ultimate device will become available. The Surface Phone will be ship by the next gen Snapdragon 835 processor.?Both Microsoft and Snapdragon chipset manufacturer Qualcomm confirmed the same.

Microsoft is reportedly developing Cobalt emulation in order to run x86 apps. The Surface Phone will seamlessly run 64-bit Windows 10 Mobile operating system. Not only that, the Surface Phone will pack a whopping 6GB RAM. This will?boost performance to?run?the Continuum feature.

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USB Type-C support and Bluetooth 5.0 are connectivity features of the?device. The Surface Phone will also feature a dual camera setup with 20 MP Carl Zeiss lens. Of course, all of these reports are mere speculations. In meantime, stay tuned to for latest updates on the Surface phone and other Surface devices.

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