Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 Release May Happen Amid Nokia Android Phones Rumors

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Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 release is a big possibility. Fans are getting to hear a lot about Nokia Android Phones launch. But it does not mean that Microsoft will cancel Surface Phone for Nokia Android Phones.

In the last week, a leaked image was grabbing the attention. Many believed that it is the pictures of the upcoming Surface Phone. But everyone realized that it was the picture of Nokia Lumia phone. It kick started a new discussion about the launch of Nokia phones.

A rumor had claimed that Microsoft is interested in Nokia phones. According to 1red Drop, Microsoft Surface Phone will not be canceled. Qualcomm has launched Snapdragon 835 processor at CES 2017. This is the evidence to believe that Surface Phone will arrive. Because Snapdragon 835 processor will one of the best features of Surface Phone 2017.

Microsoft is maintaining silence about Surface Phone. But the brand is consistently working to unveil Surface Phone in this year. Microsoft has signed a deal with Qualcomm to bring win32 emulation to mobile devices on ARM architecture.

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“For us when we want to do first-party hardware, when we want to do something like the Studio, or Book, or Pro, the number one goal we have is to essentially try and create a new category of device that hasn?t been done before and can expand the market for the Windows ecosystem. We want to do something that hasn?t been done before. We want to create a brand new category,? Chris Capossela, Chief Marketing Officer at the company, recently said.

Microsoft Surface Phone will pack a 5.7-inch touchscreen display with 2K resolution. The phone will have Microsoft systems like Exchange Server, Office 365, Azure AD and Skype on the Surface Phone. There is a rumor that Microsoft will unveil Surface Phone at Mobile World Congress 2017.

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