Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 To Pack Brand New Features, Exec Teases the Same

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Surface Phone Rumors

The Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 is likely to have all brand new features. Microsoft?s CMO Chris Capossela has revealed that the company will work with partners to build an awesome phone.

Capossela also mentioned that Microsoft does not want to bring out a phone with the sole intention of competing with rivals.

The company really wants to make a difference with its upcoming handset. ?For us when we want to do first-party hardware, when we want to do something like the Studio, or Book, or Pro, the number one goal we have is to essentially try and create a new category of device that hasn?t been done before and can expand the market for the Windows ecosystem. We want to do something that hasn?t been done before. We want to create a brand new category,? he said, according to Softpedia.

Microsoft Surface Phone to be Expensive

Microsoft does not want to launch a cheap device in 2017. Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL targeted mid-range buyers. Both the phones generated very less revenue to the company. When Apple grabbed 40% of the profit of the handset market with iPhone, Microsoft was able to earn only a 10% profit through its Lumia series. So, Microsoft is not willing to bring out another cheap phone. The upcoming Surface Phone will have a premium price tag as well as high-end features, according to Forbes.

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The Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 will pack a fingerprint detection feature. ?Fingerprint detection is achieved through a transparent cover of the electronic device. The transparent cover, such as a cover glass layer (or cover glass), may define the external surface of a display module of the electronic device. The transparent cover is also an integral component of the fingerprint sensor,? the patent reads. Microsoft wants to create a foldable display for the Surface Phone. It will work with the Redmond company for that feature.

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Microsoft Surface Phone Launch

Microsoft will attend the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2017 which is scheduled to take place from February 27 to March 2, 2017. But the company will not launch its Surface Phone. Because the device will not be ready by that time. There is also a rumor that Microsoft will not launch the Surface Phone before Apple and Samsung bring out their flagship phones.

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