Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 News & Update: It Will Be The Best Smartphone If These Features Will Be Included

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Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 is creating hype on the internet because of its rumored features. The Microsoft Surface Phone features are believed to steal the handset market in the upcoming year. Here you can check out the top 5 possible features of Microsoft Surface Phone 2017.

Microsoft Surface Phone Features And Updates

  1. ???Continuum

Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 will have the Continuum feature. According to The Verge, Continuum will allow the phone to work like a computer. Continuum will be supported by a Qualcomm chipset. In fact, Continuum is the feature of Windows 10. Microsoft will develop the Continuum feature to the full extent and enable Surface Phone to run multiple apps.

  1. ???Three Variants

The Microsoft Surface Phone will pack three variants. The base version will have a 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. The second version will have an 6GB RAM with 128GB storage. The third version will be expensive with an 8GB RAM and 500GB storage.

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?We plan to narrow our focus to three customer segments where we can make unique contributions and where we can differentiate through the combination of our hardware and software,? Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said.

  1. ?????Fingerprint Reader

A patent filed by Microsoft has mentioned using a fingerprint reader. ?Fingerprint detection is achieved through a transparent cover of the electronic device. The transparent cover, such as a cover glass layer (or cover glass), may define the external surface of a display module of the electronic device. The transparent cover is also an integral component of the fingerprint sensor,? the patent reads.

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  1. ?????Brand New Design

Microsoft Surface Phone will feature brand new design, which will make it unique from other Microsoft phones. Bartlomiej Tarnowski from Poland leaked the major details about Microsoft Surface Phone?s design. ?The speakers will be seen on the top and bottom of the device. It will also have a 3.5mm jack. ?The Surface Phone will pack a Cyan back cover.

  1. ?????Surface Pen

Microsoft will gift a Surface Pen to Surface Phone buyers as well. There will be a circular port at the right side of the phone where the stylus can be inserted. By using Surface Pen the users can draw, write and interact with their display.

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The Surface phone launch is likely to happen in early 2017. Keep visiting TheBitBag for more updates.

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