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Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 May Pack This Feature Based on This Patent

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Surface Phone Fingerprint Scanner
Surface Phone Fingerprint Scanner

As Microsoft plans to attend the Mobile World Congress (MWC) next year, expectations are running around for the potential unveiling of the long-rumored Surface Phone. It remains unconfirmed at this point whether or not the Redmond giant will take the wraps off the next-gen Windows 10 smartphone. Rumors and speculations, however, continue building up the hype hinting at the gadget?s possible features and specifications.

Gesture Control Fingerprint Scanner

Google recently revealed a new feature called fingerprint scanner gestures in its flagship Pixel and Pixel XL. It allows Pixel owners to perform certain actions such as display notifications by swiping their fingerprint scanner in a certain direction. The Windows Surface phone will pack a similar feature, according to

In a patent application filed June 2015 called ?Biometric Gestures,? Microsoft details the working of this feature. The computing device will have a fingerprint scanner that is configured to detect gestures. The scanner then detects biometric characteristics of the user and determines a gesture.

Microsoft Surface Phone

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Microsoft proposes three gestures, all starting from the device being locked. One would be simple tap, the second tap is rest or tap and hold, and the third tap and swipe. These gestures will result in different actions, such as simply unlocking the device, displaying notifications or showing appointments, etc.

Display Embedded Fingerprint Scanner

In addition, the Surface Phone might just include a whole screen fingerprint scanner. With Synaptics? unveiling its new biometric technology, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 are reportedly packing display embedded fingerprint sensor. Microsoft isn?t far behind in the race as the patents also show on-display or whole screen fingerprint readers.

The display embedded or gesture control fingerprint scanner are not innovative on their own as most smartphones already pack these features. Microsoft?s patents, however, show that a combination of both features will make for an interesting idea for the Surface Phone.

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Surface Phone Features

Also on the Surface Phone features and specifications list is Qualcomm?s latest Snapdragon 835 chipset. The smartphone will come in three variants, a consumer edition, a business edition and the enthusiast edition. Rumors point towards different specifications of RAM and memory size for the three devices. The devices will pack 2GB with 32GB, 4GB with 64GB and 6GB with 128GB. Other features are unknown at this point so stay tuned for the latest updates on Surface devices and more.

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