Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 Release Date, Specs: Microsoft Targeting Samsung with Snapdragon 835 Surface Phone?

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Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 Update

The last time Microsoft released a mobile phone was last year with the Microsoft Lumia 950. Since then, many believed that it will drop the Lumia brand in favor of the Surface product line. So far, it has released four iterations of the Surface Pro and one for the Surface Book but no Surface Phone. Rumor has it that the company is busy at work with its new smartphone, dubbed the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017.

A few months ago, it was first rumored that Microsoft will unveil the Surface Phone in its October event. However, what fans saw are the new Surface Studio and an i7 version of the Surface Book. Still, no Surface Phone in sight.

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Immediately after that, speculations begin to arise about the purported specifications of the upcoming phone. Many believed that it will sport an Intel chip to power all its processing needs. Some even saying it will have an i7 chip, which in all respect, is a bit ludicrous. There is only one reason why people might think the an Intel chip will be powering the upcoming Surface Phone. And that is Intel?s recent licensing deal with ARM.

Microsoft Lumia 950

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A few months ago, Intel announced its plans on entering the mobile processor market by signing a deal with British SoC design firm, ARM. Unfortunately, this licensing agreement will come into fruition sometime in the early months of 2018. That being said, Intel will not be able to provide chips for Microsoft to power the Surface Phone 2017.

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Fortunately, Windows 10 Mobile has now been successfully ported by Microsoft to run on ARM processors. This means that any ARM processor with enough processing prowess will be able to run Windows 10 Mobile. Because of this, rumor began to circulate that Microsoft is considering Snapdragon 835 SoC processor for the Surface Phone. In fact, Qualcomm and Microsoft has announced their partnership a few days ago. The deal focuses on the use of Snapdragon 835 on Microsoft?s line of mobile devices.

Apart from the Snapdragon 835, there also have been rumors that the Surface Phone 2017 will come in three variants. These are the Consumer, Business, and Enthusiast Editions. All variants will have the same 5.7-inch screen and all metal case design, according to rumors. the only difference will be the memory and storage capacity for each model. Memory will start from 3GB for the Consumer Edition, to 8GB for the Enthusiast. Meanwhile, reports suggest of storage as big as 500GB.

The Surface Phone is rumored to be released sometime in the second half of 2017.

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