Microsoft Surface Book 2 Rumors: Arriving In Spring Next Year with New Hinge?

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With many rumors and speculations running amok, analyst have looked over the most plausible ones and fans can expect the Microsoft Surface Book 2 to be launched spring next year.

The Surface Book 2 is expected to be released the same time as the Redstone 1 anniversary and Redstone 2 release. The Redstone 2 will be release spring next year. Microsoft is determined to hold off on releasing any devices until the Windows 10 update is available. So it’s pretty safe to expect the Surface Book 2?s launch Spring next year.

The Surface Book 2 is said to sport an Intel Kaby Lake Cpu. With processing power like that, The Surface Book2 would be able to support stunning 4K resolution, 3D, USB 3.0 support and many more features. The Surface Book 2?s predecessor was arguably strong as it was stylish.

The Surface Book 2 is speculated to change the iconic fulcrum hinge that its predecessor used to have. Although the fulcrum hinge was quite stylish, it did indeed have several problems.

The old hinge had caused a bit of an awkward gap in between the laptop when closed.

This odd closed design not only makes it easier to collect dirt and debris even when closed, the odds of structural damage become increase as well. This is due to the weight imbalance between the two sides of the laptop in relation to the hinge.

It is because of all these problems that the Surface Book?s fulcrum hinge had that has caused many to speculate that the Surface Book 2 will come equipped with a different one. A new hinge will be able to solve the old hinge?s problems. But then again, some people loved the old hinge regardless.

Whether or not Surface Book 2?s hinge will be the same with its predecessor or not, stay updated with us as more news is sure to be revealed before spring next year.

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