Microsoft Surface Book 2 Release Not Happening?

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Surface Book 2

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is certainly one of the most highly anticipated devices by tech junkies today. The upcoming notebook from Microsoft is the second generation of the product line which has been largely successful so far. While many are already excited with the Surface Book 2 release, the lack of news has made some fear that the product launch has already been cancelled.

The Surface Book 2 is among the exciting products which are expected to be released by Microsoft this year. Unfortunately, December is almost here without any announcement from Microsoft as to when it is going to release. This has made many tech lovers anxious as there is certainly a possibility that the Surface Book 2 release is not going to happen.

Coming in 2017?


According to GameNGuide, one scenario though is that the Surface Book 2 release is actually going to happen in 2017. The delay is surely going to frustrate Surface fans but at least the device will not be cancelled as what some are fearing.

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One possible reason for the delay in the Surface Book 2 release is the wait for Intel?s Kaby Lake processors. The upcoming chipsets from Intel are expected to power the device, although the processors have not actually released just yet.

If the rumored 2017 release date for the Surface Book 2 is indeed true, we may see the launch happen in the first quarter of the year. By this time the Kaby Lake processors would have already become widely available. ?Microsoft can then include it in the Surface Book 2 without any problems.

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Rumored Specs

Along with the new processors, the upcoming device is expected to be 4K video compatible and have a powerful GPU than its predecessor. An upgrade in internal storage and RAM can also be reasonably expected for the Surface Book 2.

Microsoft fans should wait for an official announcement from the company though. ?Surely they will give out details once they have any. Be sure to check back here soon to find out more Surface Book 2 release updates as well as other news on the trending topics in the world of tech.

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