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Microsoft Surface Book 2 Release Delayed To Spring 2017?

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Last year in October, Microsoft launched the first model of Surface Book. With that, it was expected that Microsoft Surface Book 2 will be released right around the same time the following year. However, it seems the device will not be launched until the spring of next year.

As this might be the case, rumors point out that the upcoming tablet could have been pushed back due to the inclusion of new features.

The upcoming tablet could have features like 4K display and a rechargeable stylus, along with it one of major feature included would be the Redstone Operating System (OS), notes Yibada notes. Reportedly, the Redstone operating system would be launched in two different versions.

The first version of the operating system is said to be released this June while the second version is expected not before spring of next year. However, it was expected that Redstone 2 would be released later this year around November or end of the year, according to Winbeta.

It is worth noting that the Microsoft Surface Book 2 would have Redstone 2 OS and possibly this could be the reason the launch of the device is delayed until spring 2017. However, this might not be the only reason for the delay.

Speculations suggest that the new tablet could be powered by Intel?s Kaby Lake processors, and it is not made widely available until the end of 2016.

According to ZDNet, the Redmond-based company would dedicate more time in manufacturing the device that could pair well with the Intel?s latest processors. The company is buying to have more time in developing a powerful device.

Since Intel?s Kaby Lake processors will not be released till the end of this year, the Redstone 2 could be released in 2017. All of these only suggest that the Microsoft Surface Book 2 can be expected this year.

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