Microsoft Surface Book 2 Official Photo Teaser Surfaces Ahead Of Year-End Release

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Just when the tech world started wondering whether the Surface Book 2 is real or not, Microsoft apparently teased the notebook via its official Instagram account. This also means we can expect the Book 2 to debut alongside the heavily-anticipated Surface Pro 5.

What’s New?

Microsoft recently posted an image of a Surface notebook on the Instagram account with the comment ? ?Your key to success.? However, it did not specify which Surface device the photo belongs to.

Windows Central, meanwhile, realized that the photo doesn?t show any of the already existing Surface devices. But the resemblance to the existing Surface Book cannot be overlooked. Hence, it goes without saying that the?photo belongs to the upcoming Microsoft Surface Book 2.

The photo also shows the famous hinge (the flexible joint) of the Surface Book series. Past rumors suggested that the hinge in the Surface Book successor will come with an updated design. The new design will allow the display to lay flat on the keyboard without any gaps. The current Book shows a small gap between the display and the keyboard.

Surface Book 2 vs Surface Book (Photo Credit: Windows Central, Microsoft)

Surface Book 2 vs Surface Book (Photo Credit: Windows Central, Microsoft)

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Release Date, Specs

Reports also say the Surface Book 2 release date can be expected sometime towards the end of this year or early next year.

Speaking of rumored configurations, the powerful?seventh-generation Intel Kaby Lake processor was introduced sometime towards the mid of August. This chipset has the capability to support both 3D and 4K graphics. The icing on the cake is the usage of the efficient 14nm manufacturing process.

This Intel Kaby Lake chip will reportedly power the Surface Book 2. But then, several reports suggested that this chipset will not be made available until the end of 2016. This indirectly means those devices relying on this Intel chip may have to wait for the bulk orders to be shipped later this year. This is precisely why the early 2017 release time frame looks reasonable to us, rather than end of this year.

Furthermore, rumors also say the Type Cover will be improved this time around and the notebook will run the latest?Windows 10 version (Redstone 2) out of the box.

Microsoft Surface Book 2?Price

Sure,?Microsoft has not confirmed any configurations or price so far. But the word is that the Surface Book 2 will retail at $900 (base model) and $1500 (high-end).

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