Microsoft Surface Book 2 Better Than MacBook Pro 2016

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Microsoft Surface Book 2

AaaThere are so many laptops available in the market, but one of the biggest favorites is the MacBook Pro line from Apple. While tech enthusiasts have been waiting for the MacBook Pro 2016 to release this year, one possible fierce competitor may just be lying in wait: the Microsoft Surface Book 2.

The upcoming Surface Book 2 looks to spark a heated rivalry between the yet to be released MacBook Pro 2016. Both laptops have been subject of countless rumors for the past couple of months. Now, it appears that the Surface Book 2 could end up being the better option than the MacBook Pro 2016.

Microsoft has not officially announced the Surface Book 2 given that the first Surface Book was released less than a year ago. Still, there have already been rumors about the device, which could potentially be released together with the Surface Pro 5 sometime in 2017.

So far, the rumors of the specs and features of the Surface Book 2 have been nothing but positive. According to Tech Radar, it is possible that the new Surface Book will be equipped by Intel?s latest Kaby Lake processors. The processors are expected to become available soon and will ensure that the upcoming Surface Book 2 will have extremely fast processing speed.

Another possibility for the Surface Book 2 is that it could be equipped by a gaming-focused GPU. The NVIDIA GeForce 980M is certainly one possible candidate for this according to the same Tech Radar report. The 2-in-1 device is likely going to have an improved screen, run on Windows 10 Redstone 2 OS as well as have a sleek design that fans of the Surface Book product line are really hoping for.

There is no word yet from Microsoft as to when the Surface Book 2 will release. A fair estimate would be sometime during the early part of 2017. In the meantime, fans of the Microsoft Surface Book just have to sit back and wait for the possible MacBook Pro 2016 killer to be officially announced.

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