Microsoft Surface 3: New and Improved Tablet an Answer to Google’s Chromebook Drive

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Google has become a force to reckon with once they figured that the Chromebook will actually sell. Other laptop companies have since been upping their game, and one of those companies is Microsoft.

Microsoft has since fought back by installing improvements in their Surface 3 tablets. The Microsoft Surface line used to be mired in the muck with bad chips and sub-par apps. This time around, however, it packages the Surface 3 with the promise that it would be able to run full Office apps. The Surface 3 will be packaged along with a copy of Office 365, perhaps to show that the Surface 3 tablet can indeed run such programs.

This was seen on the Business Insider article, which also tells what improvements are exactly included in the new Surface 3. In other reports from Mercury News, we get a look from the other side of the table: Google Chromebooks are coming, and it seems they?ve painted a target on Microsoft?s back by pricing their Chromebooks lower than Microsoft?s Surface 3 tablets.

Surface 3?s Mojo

So what makes Microsoft so confident that this version of Surface will sell?

The Microsoft Surface 3 is an improvement over the previous series of Surface tablets, the Business Insider article says. The biggest improvement is that it will run the streamlined Windows 10 OS and it will be powered by an Intel core instead of the weaker AMR core. It will come in two variants?the Surface Pro 3 as a MacBook competitor, while the Surface 3 is an iPad competitor.

Google going toe-to-toe with Microsoft

Since opening its first Google Store, Google has packaged their Chromebooks at around $149. It?s significantly lower than the cheaper version of Surface Pro 3, which Mercury News states is packaged at around $499. The Google Chromebook runs on Google?s OS, while the Surface Pro 3 will feature Microsoft?s Windows 10. While the Surface Pro 3 is a pure-PC, the Google Chrome picks innovation over convenience, relying on the Internet to process everything.

Despite this, the Google Chromebooks managed to sell big especially in schools that are big on ?cloud computing?.

Healthy Competition

The good thing about this competition is the price. With the Chromebook and the Surface Pro 3 trying to out-sell each other, expect their prices to become consumer friendly as time goes by. Look for the Google Chromebook to try to add value for money as well at the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.


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