Microsoft Steps Up The PMP Game With The New Improved Zune

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The new Zune goes on sale nationwide today. It has a sleek new design similar to the 2nd generation iPod Nano. The Zune is a great alternative player for those who don’t want iPods. They’ve offered many new colors and the option to get customizable art for free for a limited time. Here’s the full release:

Three new Zune portable media players including the sleek Zune 80GB and slim, ultra-portable Zune 8GB and Zune 4GB will go on sale nationwide, and Microsoft is making its new Zune software available for free download online at Microsoft will also launch a new online store called Zune Originals. For the first time, consumers will have the option to customize their Zune player with laser-engraved designs and personal text through the online store at Customers will also be able to purchase a Zune player directly from Microsoft on the site and choose from a collection of laser-engraved artwork designed exclusively for Zune by eighteen internationally-recognized artists.

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