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Microsoft Smartwatch Rumored To Arrive On October, Might Come With 11 Sensors

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Rumored Microsoft smartwatch said to arrive on October with 11 sensors, might compete with Apple’s alleged iWatch

Practically every major device maker like Motorola, LG, Samsung, Asus, and Apple has either released or reportedly been working on smartwatch models. According to recent reports, it looks like Microsoft is also jumping into the bandwagon with their own ?Microsoft Smartwatch? rumored to arrive a few months from now.

Tom?s Hardware has first corroborated a report speculating a handful of new details about the said device. According to their unidentified sources, which are said to be familiar with Microsoft?s plans, the device can be expected to appear as a sleek, Fuelband-ish device sporting 11 different sensors. If that is true, Microsoft is obviously trying to avoid the chunky look of most smartwatches in the market today such as the G Watch, Samsung Galaxy Gear and Toq.

In May, Forbes had published a similar article indicating a possible Microsoft smartwatch in the works. In their report, the wearable devices is said to come with a powerful battery capable of offering up to two days worth of juice. The article said that it will have a full-color, 1.5-inch display and further described it as ?about the size of half a stick of gum.?

Nike+ FuelBand

Nike+ FuelBand

The new report supported the perception that Microsoft?s wearable device will work not just on its native Windows Phone OS but also on other platforms including Android and iOS. If this proves to be accurate, it will fill a relatively unique niche in the wearables market as the recently launched Android Wear OS seems to work exclusively with Android, design-wise. While Apple?s purported smartwatch is also expected to work solely on its own OS and devices.

Furthermore, two patents filed by Microsoft and published by the USPTO a few days ago also support the abovementioned smartwatch design. The first patent application, called ?Discreetly Displaying Contextually Relevant Information? suggested that the device?s display would be on the wrist side of the user?s hand. This would make the smartwatch more natural to use as the display would be visible just by turning the wrist upwards.

The second USPTO application is titled ?Dynamic User Interfaces Adapted to Inferred User Contexts? demonstrates how Microsoft is planning to integrate sensors to track the user?s physical activity. This filing also detailed how the device?s interface will interact to varying degrees of activity.

Apparently, none of these information are officially recognized or announced by Microsoft itself. However, if the reported release date window is true, it would mean that the Microsoft smartwatch would go head-to-head with Apple?s own ?iWatch? which is also expected to debut on October.



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