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Microsoft says Bing Stays as a Core Part of its Strategy

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Microsoft has recently confirmed during last week?s Build developer conference that the Bing search engine is a core part of its strategy. New rumors pop out every couple of months, claiming that the tech giant is selling ?Bing. There was even another rumor that the former CEO candidate Stephen Elop would take over the company and sell the search engine. Everything has been confirmed at the conference. Bing will not be sold because it has a significant role to play in the company.

The Importance of Bing in Microsoft

There were credible reports in 2012 that said Microsoft did try to sell Bing to social network Facebook. It looks like the search engine is now playing a more important role in the Internet with the tech giant considering it as part of its core platform. Bing now seems to be more than ?just? a search engine.

One perfect example of its significance to Microsoft is the recently launched Cortana, a personal digital assistant that competes with Apple?s Siri. It uses a lot of Bing?s ecosystem, such as its machine learning tools, its entity engine in finding facts, the stream ? processing engine for real time information, and Bing?s voice recognition service to better understand its users. Cortana would not have been possible without the help of Bing.

A Credible Alternative to Google Maps, Too

Apart from powering Cortana, Bing also contributed to a lot of small features in Windows like its built ? in search tools. The Bing Code Search makes everything easier for Visual Studio developers, as well. Its own Bing Maps may not be ringing a bell for most users, but it can be a credible alternative to Google Maps. Its 3D maps, which is currently on preview mode, even look more detailed than Google?s version.

Microsoft has not confirmed whether this was a part of its master plan for the search engine. Its attempt to create a smarter search engine has given the company a more agile way of responding to market demands. It may not be leapfrogging the competition, but this attempt can post a meaningful challenge to the recent advances from Apple and Google.

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