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Microsoft Reveals Three New Games for the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List

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Xbox One Backwards compatibility

The Xbox One Backwards Compatibility list is growing after Microsoft recently added three more games from the Xbox 360 library. According to the Express UK, Microsoft has now added the games ?Pac-Man?, ?Alan Wake? and ?Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.?

BioWare has been very consistent with their participation on the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility feature, with two confirmed games to join the roster. ?Mass Effect? was featured in 2015, and an upcoming game, ?Bioshock Infinite?, is about to join the list.

Prior to the latest games added on the feature, ?Bomberman Live,? ?Crackdown? and ?Crackdown 2? were also revealed to be part of the long list. Currently, the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility feature has 134 games. The list is also expected to expand as the year progresses, with new additions from Microsoft.

In a Twitter post by Microsoft?s director of programming, Larry Hryb, he said ?Xbox One Preview Members: Halo Wars will be playable in PREVIEW via Back Compat later today (under Ready to Install). According to the Inquistr, ??Alan Wake? has finally progressed to making it to the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility list after being accidentally featured on the Xbox One Store.

After Microsoft made some tweaking, ?Alan Wake? could not be located on the list. After which, it was announced that it will be instead included as a free game on ?Quantum Break.?

The backwards compatibility feature of Microsoft is the process of integrating all Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One console. The residual release of games stemmed from the fact that Microsoft has to adhere with certain agreements and whether developers want their games to be simulated to the next gen console.

Currently, the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility list has at least 134 games on the list, with monthly additions expected to join in.

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