Microsoft to Release Surface Pro 5 Soon as More MacBook Pro Users Are Switching to Surface?

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Surface Pro 5

The MacBook Pro 2016 was one of the most awaited devices over the past year and a half. Apple fans were waiting a long time for the high-end notebook. But, now, it appears that the device has been a disappointment. This has made many MacBook Pro fans jump ship and switch to the Microsoft Surface Pro. If this continues, there may be hope that Microsoft could launch its Surface Pro 5 soon to help capitalize on this trend.

The Surface Pro 5 is the next generations in the Surface Pro product line and has been in the works for some time now. Although fans of the gadget have been excited for its arrival, Microsoft has not given any indication as to when the release will happen.

More MacBook Users Switching to Surface

Well, it could end up being sooner rather than later if the tech giant is going to capitalize on the wave of MacBook users switching to the Surface Pro. According to MacRumors, Microsoft recently announced that November was a great month for their consumer Surface sales. The post mentions that more and more people are switching from Macs to Surface than ever which is a big reason for their success.

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It is worth noting that Microsoft launched its MacBook Pro trade-in promo shortly after the new device launched. The program gives MacBook Pro and MacBook Air owners credit of up to $650 which can be used towards a purchase of a Surface Book or Surface Pro 4.

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Surface Pro 5 Release to Happen Sooner Than Expected?

This has caused a jump in Surface Pro 4 sales, which would also mean that it would be a great time for the Surface Pro 5 launch. With MacBook Pro 2016 users complaining about the notebook?s poor battery life and other issues, launching the Surface Pro 5 will definitely make it a must-own device.

The Surface Pro 5 is currently rumored to be launching early next year. Releasing the device earlier than expected though could help them capitalize on the new wave of MacBook Pro users who are making the switch to Surface.

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Timing is everything in the competitive world of consumer electronics. As such, Microsoft is surely thinking long and hard as to when they will be having the Surface Pro 5 release. Fans would just have to sit back and wait as the tech giant is surely going to make an announcement about it very soon.

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