Microsoft Refuses To Honor A Paid Extended Warranty

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A few weeks ago I received an email from Robert, a frustrated Xbox 360 owner. He was frustrated because he had paid $59.90 for an extended warranty but Microsoft would not honor it to fix his Xbox 360. He didn’t have a RROD, he had some video issues. The warranty department seemed idiotic as you will read in his letter that he sent to me and other gaming websites. I’ve contacted Microsoft myself to no avail. The Bitbag is too small for them to be of concern. So now, as I promised, I’m bringing this issue out in the public in the hopes that someone at Microsoft will help Robert. Here’s the email with an image of his cleared check.

Hello my name is Robert and I’m sending out this email to several gaming sites and blogs hoping someone catches on and I can make a little noise about my issue.

I’m trying to bring attention to my xbox horror story because I want my issue resolved, I’m at my wits end with contacting various support personnel. I’m hoping that someone out there will publish my story and take notice to help myself and possibly others with the same problems. Below I will outline the events in chronological order.

End August-Early September 2008:
I began getting an issue with my xbox 360 where periodically I would get blue artifacts all over my screen. So after checking obvious things like cables and connections and my television I come to the conclusion that my console has an issue.

1st call to support:
Went through a list of troubleshoots with the agent and he says the following “to me it is clear that your console is in need of service”. I think to myself “i knew this” but go along with the guy. Everything is fine until he says “your console is out of warranty so that will be a charge of $99”. Hold the phone, when I bought my console in February 2007 I also purchased a 2 year extended service contract from Microsoft.

I inform the support agent of this and he says he has no record of me purchasing a contract and I have no proof so I must be mistaken. I painfully argue with this man until he sends me up a level in the foo chain. I talk to someone else he says the problem is beyond him and I am escalated again. This man seems to believe I am being truthful and give me an address to write a letter concerning my warranty. I take the address and write a letter.

Letter to service department early September 2008:
I wrote a letter outlining my issue and providing the information that I was told to provide, and was told this letter would take up to 30 days to get a response.

Letter from service department September 26 2008:
I recieved a letter back from the service department stating they had no record of my warranty, nor a record of me purchasing this warranty. They enclosed an enveloped that requwested I sent them statements from my bank showing I had in fact paid the $59.90 for the 2 year extended service option.

2nd letter to service department end of September 2008:
I sent in back records showing I paid for the warranty as well as included the information they requested, again expect to wait up to 30 days for a response.

2nd call to support, November 11 2008:
Call support again regarding my console issue(still periodically occurs) and my warranty issue (not resolved). The agent tells me my warranty information is still not updated and that it would still cost me for a repair. I try to get my issue resolved via phone again, and I am again escalated to 2 other individuals. The last indivdual is very rude and says the reason I don’t have a warranty is because I clearly did not purchase from Microsoft. I actually got rather heated with this guy and read him off the information from my bank saying that my check for $59.90 was recieved and cashed by Microsoft in February of 2007.

This is his answer to me:
“Well that is weird sir”

Not weird sir, very very aggravating because I’m being ripped off. He then tells me that it is out of his hands and schedules me for a call back from the warranty department for anytime between 3pm and 5pm eastern time on thursday the 13th of November.

3rd call to support, November 13 2008:
I did not recieve my scheduled call back from the warranty department so I call service again. I am told that they attempted to contact me but could not reach me so the agent asks for my information again. I give it to him again and he relays to me that originally they had the wrong phone number so I give them a pass, after all the support agents that I’ve been talking to aren’t exactly impressing me with their knowledge of the english language. He reschedules me for a call back the next day at the same time.

4th call to support, November 14 2008:
Again I did not recieve my scheduled call back so I wait an extra hour or so and then call support again. I get a female agent this time, her name was “Anne” I believe, I remember this because she was in fact very short with me during the call, like I was disturbing her or something. A generally unpleasent person to talk to. Anyway I tell her my issues yet again we go through the same thign again and she then tells me that support contacted me but I was unavailable. No sorry Support didn’t contact me, the log on my telephone has no calls recieved from microsoft at anytime. She actually seemed argumentative about this insinuating that I was not being truthful.

Finally she says since “I wasn’t available” for the scheduled call that I have to take contact into my own hands. She gives me a number and a name of someone in the warranty department that will supposedly sort my issue out. So what is the problem here? Well the fact is I still have yet to be able to reach anyone or anything at the number provided and my issue is unresolved.

I’m left with an extremely annoying xbox console that is not only doing the aforemention blue fuzz on my screen trick, but ahs now resulted to scratching my game discs to the point where they are difficult to read.

In Conclusion:
I paid for a warranty that is not being honored, I’m out of a properly working device and I’m out of my $59.90 that I paid for this warranty. If by chance I do get a contact at the phone number and they fix my issue I have now lost nearly 1/8 of the time(3 months) of that warranty so far.

I think it is time for me to start making noise about this issue because my next step is going to legal if my issue is not resolved soon. Hopefully somebody out there will grab my story and publish it.

best regards,

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