Microsoft offers Office For Android Phones

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Microsoft Office now offered for Android Phones

Microsoft just upped the ante of mobile productivity as it recently offered an Office preview for Android phones. The apps include Office staple Word, Excel and PowerPoint ? creating an instant virtual office desk for people on the go. The feature was previously available to Android, iOS, and Windows tablets only.

The Office applications allow users to do a variety of tasks using their Android phone, which includes editing of manuscripts in Word and Excel files, creating quick presentations, and even allows you to review files from Google Drive or Dropbox. The feature asks for 1GB of storage and Android Kitkat 4.4 and above to work. Those who have downloaded the Developer?s version of Android M might want to rethink about getting the app as it does not support the interface.

The apps are free to use, but users will be required to have their own Microsoft account. Those who wish to avail of other dynamic features however, such as tracking changes done in Word, enabling columns in page layout, or highlight cells with custom color shading, need to subscribe to Microsoft?s Office 365.

These features will also be pre-installed in a number of Android phones from Samsung, Sony, and LG that will come out in the market later this year.

These applications are indeed clear indications that Microsoft is warming up to the idea of cross-platform business. Their popular Office suite used to be available only in their Windows PC, but the earlier release of Office in Android tablets opened avenues to further support productivity even when on the go.

As the app is still on Preview, follow the following steps on how to install the application on your phone:

  • Join the Office for Android community.
  • Once you join the community, Become a tester by clicking the links to the Office apps.
  • Wait for Google Play to replicate permissions (this may take-up to four hours), click the above mentioned links and then follow the download links to install apps using Google play store

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