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Microsoft News: A Look at Windows RT’s Status plus Lumia 835 Discussions

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Since the CES 2015, a lot of leaks, speculations, and massive discussions about whether this phone or that will look like this have happened. There are a lot of phones whose appearances have been leaked?the latest phones from Samsung, Apple, Sony, and even Microsoft has since been disputed to look like whatever the leaks reveal them to be. However, it is Microsoft that?s currently making a wave concerning their phones.

This particular wave happens to include discussion about Windows RT.

Windows RT is Microsoft?s stab at making an OS to be used for Microsoft?s extensive line of tablets. However, as it appears, RT is about to be pulled off the shelves as it were, according to this PC World article. Speculation says this could be because of the move to make Windows 10 a cross-platform OS. Another article?this one from Celebeat?views a recent ?leak? about a Lumia 835 smartphone.

Microsoft?s Windows RT bids goodbye

Microsoft used to have Windows RT to power their tablets, as per PC World.

However, due to recent developments and a streamlined-OS combined, Microsoft could well be easing the OS out. According to PC World, along with the decision to stop manufacturing the Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet comes the decision to stop Windows RT altogether. It doesn?t seem to be too sudden, however, as the tablet?according to PC World?is still selling at $599.99 apiece on Verizon Wireless.

With the relatively new Windows 10 OS, however, the tablet may resurface in one form or another sometime in the future. However, this could very well be as much as we know it concerning the Windows 8.1 RT OS, which had been Microsoft?s OS for as long as we can remember.

Just a Likely Typo?

Earlier, there had been a buzz about Nokia-Microsoft?s Lumia line, particularly the 830.

It had been said that the phone was going to be followed by another model?the 835?as it appeared, through pages that appeared on Celebeat. However, the mishap is attributed to a likely typo error. The page appeared on AT&T?s page where, upon clicking, visitors were taken to the home page for the 830. Conspiracy theorists could say anything they want; although it does appear that there is nothing of the sort coming from Microsoft.

Sharp audiences would be quick to mention that if ever there truly was a Lumia 835, it wouldn?t be called a Nokia Lumia 835. Since Microsoft has bought Nokia, they had been slowly easing Nokia out of their phones and replacing it with Microsoft.

Microsoft?s smart moves

As it appears, Microsoft is intent on regaining lost ground against Apple in the smartphone department. While Apple clearly has the advantage of a few generations? worth of smartphones and trial-and-error concerning their OS, we can?t count Microsoft out, who appears to be bouncing back. Will it be a revival of competition between the two manufacturers?


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