Microsoft Might Bring Android Apps to Windows

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Sources say that Microsoft has plans to allow Android apps to run on Windows Phone and Windows. While it is still too early to confirm, we are already getting mixed reactions from people. Some people are in favor of the idea, but some believe that this could kill the Windows platform. Looks like Microsoft will have to think carefully before making any radical move, especially with these mixed feelings.

Using Android to Boost Windows Phone Shipments

When it comes to desktop computers, Windows dominate the scene. Android is its mobile counterpart with millions of people worldwide patronizing it. Both of these operating systems are also competing against another tech giant, Apple. Android?s fame in the mobile arena makes it difficult for the Windows Phone to penetrate the global market. Apple?s iOS may still be at the top, but Android was able to close the gap and Windows Phone is still far from reaching that point.

Microsoft sees the tight competition in the mobile market as challenging because of the struggle it faces with Windows Phone shipments and apps. This could be the reason why the Windows maker is considering to welcome Android apps in its system.

It is also unknown whether Microsoft is in active partnership with Intel or BlueStacks. A representative from BlueStacks refused to comment on this rumor, but sources say that Intel is pushing Microsoft to make this plan happen.

A Risk to Take for Microsoft

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One of the possible reasons why Microsoft is considering this risky plan is to prevent more consumers from using Android smartphones. If Windows Phone can accommodate Android apps, then Microsoft could potentially convince consumers from switching to Windows ? powered devices. Until the launch of Windows 9 in 2015, the implementation of this plan will be unlikely to happen soon.

The software giant is battling against the decline of desktop computers in the consumer market. Microsoft is even considering free versions of Windows RT and Windows Phone, but the Android plan could be the next step. The company probably sees long ? term success in allowing Android apps to run on Windows Phone. With mixed reactions going around, Microsoft must decide on its seemingly unorthodox move on the mobile market.

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