Microsoft Might Be Working On An Android-Powered Lumia Smartphone

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Android-powered Lumia smartphone reportedly in the works, according to EVLeaks (pictured: Nokia X2)

We may see more Microsoft-made handsets powered by Android in the very near future ? that is if a recent leak is to be believed. The company is reportedly working on an Android-powered Lumia model or models without the proprietary Windows Phone OS.

Serial leakster EVLeaks, which has an arguably good track record of leaking tech info, recently let out word that Microsoft is planning to launch a line of Android-powered Lumia phones without the famous Windows mobile operating system. Furthermore, as shown in their tweet, the supposed upcoming model will have the branding ?Nokia by Microsoft.? Apart from these, no other details were given.

EVLeak's tweet announcing the supposed arrival of an Android-powered Lumia handset

EVLeak’s tweet announcing the supposed arrival of an Android-powered Lumia handset

The Redmond-based company acquired Nokia?s handset business last April of this year for roughly $ 7.2 billion in an apparent effort to boost market share for its Windows Phone OS and to gain a better edge against device giants Samsung and Apple. Prior to the acquisition, Nokia had already been Microsoft?s closest partner in the smartphone manufacturing field.

This supposed Android-powered Lumia somehow baffles tech observers, as the use of Google?s Android OS for the Nokia?s Lumia models would go against Microsoft?s long-standing commitment to their own Windows Phone. Then again, handsets made by Microsoft which run on Android would improve their sales performance hypothetically as Google?s OS boasts of a massive collection of open-source apps.

It?s still unclear whether this rumored Android-powered Lumia will come with the full Android version or will follow the Nokia X line?s model. The Nokia X is a budget smartphone capable of running Android apps but does not rely on Google services such as the Play Store. Instead, Microsoft offers these Android apps via third-party sources along with their own Nokia store. This is much like how Amazon offered Android apps to their line of Kindle Fire tablets.

If this rumor is indeed true, then we can expect that an Android-powered Lumia model will likely be a high-end device, given the prime ?Lumia? branding, that runs on similar software as the Nokia X phone. Perhaps it will be Microsoft?s way of pushing its services to people as it is already doing with Nokia X, X+, and XL. Services including Bing, OneDrive, Outlook, OneNote, and more are already being offered exclusively on the said devices without the services of rival Google.


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