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Microsoft Made An Age-Guessing Website That Uses Facial Recognition

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Microsoft builds a tool that guesses people’s age.

On Thursday, Microsoft demonstrated an exciting new website called How-Old.net during the compnay?s Build Conference in San Francisco. The site uses special algorithms to guess people?s age based on a photo and is built to demonstrate the capabilities of Microsoft?s Azure software.

Microsoft?s new tool

For people who have ever wondered how old they look in pictures, the tech giant has just developed an addictive new tool that offers the answer. The site analyzes data from an uploaded image to establish the subject?s age and gender.

Microsoft explained in a post on their Machine Learning Blog how the ?project came to be. It began as a simple experiment among the company?s engineers. As they were ?playing around? with new face detection software, they decided to ask a few hundred people to try it out and get their feedback. In a matter of hours, the trial had reached 30,000 testers intrigued about whether a little Internet tool could accurately read their faces.

How it works

How-Old.net is a way for Microsoft to exhibit what it’s working on behind the scenes, with clever applications that are capable of utilizing facial recognition software and large amounts of data to come up with intelligent guesses, Business Insider noted. The site is expected to learn over time, improving and becoming more precise as more people upload photos.

A sample of How-Old.net's result page.

A sample of How-Old.net’s result page.

The company explains in their blog, ?The Face API has a demo page that uses the API to detect and extract information about faces in a photograph. We found the ability of the face API to estimate age and gender to be particularly interesting and chose this aspect of it for our project. To make the experience more fun we used the face API alongside the Bing Search API from the Azure marketplace to create http://how-old.net. ?

Using the site is easy, people can upload their own photos, or they can decide to choose photos from a web search apparently powered by Microsoft?s Bing search engine. It may be odd for some but it demonstrates how Microsoft thinks about data, facial recognition, and all kinds of other futuristic endeavors. In other words, it?s a little taste of more things to come.


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