Microsoft-LinkedIn Deal: Is Microsoft Getting Unfair Advantage by Accessing LinkedIn Data?

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Microsoft-LinkedIn deal

A Microsoft-LinkedIn Deal is in place as both companies got a green light from the European commission. Microsoft?s Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith just announced that Microsoft is going to acquire LinkedIn for $26B.

The European commission is the last regulator to sign off on the deal. The commission cleared the way for the companies. It?s roughly 6 months ago that the company announced that it was going to acquire LinkedIn.

Tech Blog announces Microsoft-LinkedIn deal

Meanwhile, the company?s chief legal officer Brad Smith made the announcement that the company has achieved all the aspects to acquire LinkedIn through a blog. In the official blog, he disclosed that ?As a result, we?ve now obtained all of the regulatory approvals needed to complete the acquisition, and the deal will close in the coming days.?

According to Reuters,?the company was offering a specific concession to the European Commission. Microsoft’s?official blog even confirmed that they have?formalized several commitments regarding Microsoft?s support for Third party professional social networking services. ?It can even be said that Microsoft has taken several steps that LinkedIn?s competitors don?t get disadvantaged from the?whopping $26B deal.

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Microsoft?s Competitors were bowled out with the deal

Microsoft?s competitors like Inc. was bowled out with the decision of the European Commission. Inc. also wanted to acquire LinkedIn but lost the bidding to Microsoft. In addition, argued that with this deal, Microsoft will be getting an extraordinary advantage over competitors by accessing LinkedIn?s vast pool of data.

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By accessing such a vast data, it’s possible that Microsoft?can sweep out its competitors from the CRM market. On the other hand, EU stated that this deal would unlikely enable Microsoft to shut down its competitors. This includes, SAP, Oracle and many others. Moreover, the EU even stated that access to the full LinkedIn database was not essential to compete in the market.

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