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Microsoft Linked In Deal Sealed: Latest Update, News & What It Could Mean To Professional Networking Site

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The tech giant Microsoft recently announced that the European Commission will finally allow their acquisition of LinkedIn. Now, the Commission has not confirmed it yet. But, this deal is already worrying several consumers?for what it?could mean to the networking sites.

It was just this week when Microsoft released a statement sharing that they have received the necessary documents. According to reports, the European Commission (EC) has now given its blessing to the company?s pending $26 billion acquisition of the networking site.

Moreover, Brad Smith, Microsoft?s chief legal officer, mentioned they are expecting the deal to be closed in the coming days. However, as part of this acquisition, Microsoft has to make several commitments.

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?As part of our discussions with the European Commission, we formalized several commitments regarding Microsoft?s support for third-party professional social networking services,? said Smith. He also stated that they would let other companies add information into emails using Outlook. It will be alongside their other programs, instead of bordering it to only LinkedIn data.

Microsoft should also let rival professional networking sites to merge its Office application and cloud-computing services for the next five years. Also, European PC makers will have an option not to install LinkedIn app.

Lastly, ?In the [European Economic Area] we won?t enter into agreements with PC manufacturers for pre-installation of a Windows LinkedIn application or tile that would favor LinkedIN on an exclusive basis and thereby bar the distribution of competing professional social networking services,? said Microsoft.

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The tech giant has made it clear that it would still be a fair game between networking sites. Although they would soon acquire LinkedIn, third-party sites are still welcome and will still have the chance to use their applications.

Meanwhile, the deal would only mean simple things for LinkedIn. Of course, they would have a direct relationship with Microsoft. Through this, they will have a great chance of promoting their networking site. Although Microsoft has committed to several conditions, it is still an advantage for LinkedIn that the tech giant acquired them.

How about you? What do you think will be the changes after this deal was finalized? Do you think Microsoft can keep its commitments with the European Commission? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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