Microsoft HoloLens Will Run Windows 10 Apps Via Windows Holographic Platform

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Windows 10 apps will be supported by Microsoft HoloLens.

During Microsoft?s Build 2015 Developer Conference in San Francisco, the tech giant announced the new Windows Holographic Platform. With it, the company plans to allow third-party developers to turn Windows 10 apps into holograms for HoloLens.

Windows 10 apps in hologram

Microsoft provided fresh details on its HoloLens virtual reality (VR) device that it unveiled earlier this year. When the device was introduced, it was not clear how it would integrate with Windows 10. Now, we know that the company will utilize Windows Holographic Platform in order to run regular Windows 10 apps.

At its Build conference, the Redmond-based company demonstrated Windows 10 apps running on HoloLens. Folks from?The Verge described how the system displayed apps running on walls and a hologram dog lying on the floor. There?s a VR image of a beach with weather information on the coffee table; even a holographic version of the Start Menu.

Significance of HoloLens

Microsoft showed off HoloLens back in January. Essentially, it?s an augmented reality headset as well as a untethered Windows 10 device that allows users to see virtual ?holograms? in the 3D space around them. The company considers it to be the first of its kind in the world and the only fully wireless holographic computer.

Check out how HoloLens works in this clip released by Microsoft.

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At the conference, Microsoft shared how it partnered with Case Western Reserve University to develop medical solutions for the VR platform, Engadget reported. Detailed examinations of the skeletal, nervous and various bodily systems are now possible without the use of cadavers and all of them are demonstrated by the company.

Tech site Mashable observed how the tech giant plans to apply HoloLens solutions in the world of architecture. A demo video is played during the conference exhibiting various ways on how Microsoft?s holographic device will help companies like Trimble to remotely collaborate with architects and other professionals as they walk through the same holographic building plans

See how HoloLens can help architects and engineers in a video showing how it works for Trimble below.

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Microsoft is said to be partnering with NASA, Autodesk, Unity, Legendary, Walt Disney Company, and lots of other companies to develop software for HoloLens. It?s planning to release the Windows Holographic device “within the Windows 10 timeframe.


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