Microsoft Hololens Available To Developers For A Price

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Microsoft to release Microsoft HoloLens Development Kit to allow developers create apps and games. Photo from Flickr by Microsoft Sweden at

Finally, buying the Microsoft Hololens has never been easier. Well, sort off.

Around six months ago, Microsoft launched the Hololens. But before anyone can avail them, Microsoft would need to deem you or your company or team is eligible for it first. Developers would also need to register to Microsoft Hololens Developers Community and wait for the invitation before actually buying one. Now, Microsoft changed all that.

Announcing from their blog, Alex Kipman, Technical Fellow at Microsoft?s Windows and Devices Group, said:

?We?ve fulfilled the orders for our first waves of developers, and today I?m pleased to announce that we?re expanding the program, making HoloLens Development Edition available to all developers and business customers in the United States and Canada. Developers looking to join our holographic journey can go to and purchase up to five devices. No application required!?

Yes. That?s right. No need to apply for it. No need to wait for an invitation either. But that?s with a caveat of course.

Microsoft HoloLens

Developers can now avail the Hololens through the Microsoft Store for $3000 (approximately AU$4000). Although there?s a maximum cap of 5 units per developer, getting rid of the invitation-based ordering scheme is a big step for the product. Even with its high initial cost, developers will surely see a lot of benefits from the Hololens. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for regular consumers and hobbyists alike. For a common user, parting with $3000 is a very big deal.

Agencies like NASA?s Jet Propulsion Lab is one of the pioneering developers for the Hololens. At the moment, the agency is organising an exhibition in Florida dubbed ?Destination: Mars?. This interactive exhibit takes visitors to the ?actual? exploration site of NASA?s Curiosity Mars Rover. With the physical reconstruction of the Mars surface merged with augmented reailty through the Hololens, visitors get the chance to see and experience exploring Mars in an entirely new way.

NASA?s ?Destination: Mars? is just one of the many applications for the Hololens. For sure, developers are currently busy working on new and different things for the product. But for now, the general public would have to wait and see. With its current price tag, it?s still out of reach for most common users.

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