Seven 8-Bit Games that are Perfect for the Microsoft Holo Lens

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Best 8-bit games for the Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft has been at the forefront of augmented reality computing for many years now. Last year, it officially released the developer edition of the Microsoft Hololens for $3,000. While this may sound pretty steep for for most consumers, the Commercial Suite of the device is even more expensive. Coming at $5,000, the Microsoft Hololens is not something that a regular consumer can have.

However, if it had been the other way around, it would be quite interesting what sort of applications are available for the device. Of course, you will have academic and medical applications but let us delve into more entertaining aspects of the Hololens, games.

As part of its marketing strategy, Microsoft has featured a few games for the Hololens. These games include Minecraft, and other board games that would normally be the usual cardboard and figurines. That said, there are some developers who have successfully ported older 8-bit games into the Microsoft Hololens. On that note, perhaps you are asking what other games will go perfectly with the Hololens. And it is good that you asked.


First up is Pacman. Who does not love this pill-crunching, ghost-chasing round guy? Pacman will be a perfect game for the Microsoft Hololens. The only caveat it, you will need a big empty space to play the game. Forget about your living room or you backyard, you if want this game, you might also need an empty hangar.

Best 8-bit games for the Microsoft Hololens

Pacman game is perfect for the Microsoft Hololens via giphy,com)

Nevertheless, this game will surely give you a good amount of exercise as you will be running away from the four ghosts. To make things a bit more interesting, make the wall taller than usual so players do not see what is coming toward them. Quite exciting and surprising at the same time.

Pokemon GO

Think Pokemon GO but on steroids.

Although the game is already on our mobile phones, having it on the Hololens will be quite interesting indeed. Imagine chasing Pokemon just like you do on your mobile device but with added grit and excitement. Battle it out with other trainers in an intense encounter complete with effect from your surroundings.

Just like the original mobile game, this version will also give anyone ample exercise and much fun. And with the Hololens’ 5.5-hour battery life, by the end of your game, you will surely feel spent from all the exploring that you are going to be doing.


For a bit of forward thinking and strategizing, Lemmings is a perfect fit. Players can user their environment as the main arena for any kind of level. Create barriers, ladders, and bridges to enable your lemmings to reach their goals.

This is surely a novel way of using you environment as part of the augmented reality game. In fact, it has been done Globacore Interactive Technologies as part of their marketing materials.

As with the original game, players will need to lead the lemmings across obstacles to reach the goal post. You are provided with tools such as bridges tog et your pack across a ravine and into safety.

Space Invaders

Another classic is Space Invader. This action-packed space showing game will be perfect for the Hololens. Imagine yourself shooting at alien spacecrafts in the comfort of your own living room. Moving around, dodging missiles and kamikaze spacecrafts while firing at other enemies. Bring in someone you know who has the Hololens and you would be in for an afternoon of fun with this game.


For something a bit mundane, there is Arkanoid. Almost similar to Space Invader, this game will keep you going especially on fast projectiles. Just like the previously listed game, this too will not need much physical space at all to play.

On the other hand, instead of being the actual ship in the game, player can opt to control the ship instead. This way, the game can be played like a usual console game, albeit in augmented reality.

Super Mario Bros.

Playing Super Mario Bros. on the Microsoft Hololen will be a bit complicated as users would not want to build special ramps and stairs for the game. However, a developer has already tried out a sample of the game on Microsoft’s AR headset.

In the short video by Abhishek Singh, he was able to port the game on the device.

The video of him playing Super Mario Bros. in Central Park can be seen below.

It is quite interesting how Singh implemented the game into the Hololens. Apart from being a bit disconcerting at times, the game does look quite interesting and fun.


Finally, our last game for the Microsoft Hololens is Punch-out. This classic boxing game is similar to the Nintendo Wii Sport’s boxing game. Players will also assume the role of the main character and battle out various opponents like Rocky and Mike Tyson. Be prepared for an exercise, however, as you will be punching and dodging you way as you rank in the game.

These are just some of the older 8-bit games that can be ported to the Microsoft Hololens. There are more games out there that are worthy of mention in this list. However, most of them are platforms like the Super Mario Bros. Nevertheless, with enough imagination, almost anything can be made to work with the AR headset.

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