Microsoft Goes All Out For Windows 10 Release

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Microsoft is going all our for its Windows 10 release, and Microsot claims insanely fast browser
Windows 10

Switching from one OS to another can be a real pain in the neck, so Microsoft aims to remedy that by going all out for the release of its biggest product yet, the Windows 10.

Almost 5-million beta testers will be switching to the new program, so Microsoft is making sure that everything runs smoothly via a global effort that clearly states that this is bigger than the release of their Windows 8. Under the banner, ?upgrading the world? Microsoft aims to project the launch is something that can definitely change the dynamics of Windows users.

Microsoft Goes All Out For Windows 10 release

In the article released by Engadget, it was announced that Microsoft stores, as well as retailers like Best Buy, Walmart and Staples, will offer in-store upgrade help and “experience stations” to let you try out Windows 10. The educational push makes sense, since Microsoft is making Windows 10 available for free to existing Windows 7 and 8 users for its first year. This time around getting people to upgrade means a lot more to Microsoft than making them pay retail price for a new OS.

Microsoft is making Windows 10 available to its five million beta testers first on July 29. Afterwards, there will be a staggered rollout for everyone else. And while Microsoft previously told Bloomberg previously that new PCs wouldn’t have Windows 10 at launch, it turns out that some will actually have it.

As for those non-profits, Microsoft is committing $10 million to supporting 10 global firms, as well as 100 smaller outfits in 10 countries. On top of the cash, it’s also offering help with organizing initiatives to “upgrade the world.” And of course, we’d imagine that Windows 10 will be a big part of Microsoft’s good-will initiative. Similarly, it’s giving employees an extra day off to “upgrade” their local communities through volunteer efforts.

Windows 10 features

This early, Microsoft is already quite confident of what Windows 10 can bring to its users. This includes, a more reliable Cortana, a better interface, new universal apps for PC, and an upgrade for Xbox for the gaming console fans.

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